Founded in 1997 by Steve King and Bryan Daniels, we’re a close-knit team of professionals that has worked together for many years. From the beginning, a distinct process and core set of values was established around which the firm would pursue our vision.

From the moment we connect with a business owner, in some cases many years before a transaction occurs, we are listening, learning and evolving our approach to a potential collaboration. No stone is left unturned, and we do not fit a proposed solution into a prescribed template. We bring an inherent flexibility to structure each transaction for the benefit of all parties.

We are not engaged in day-to-day operations. Our value-add is in prioritizing and executing the necessary company-building investments required to scale the enterprise – while providing thought partnership and strategic guidance at critical junctures along the way.

Across more than two decades, seven funds, and more than 95 platform investments, it’s that approach that has led to many deep relationships, successful partnerships, and the trust of business owners across the country.

  • The culture at Prairie Capital
  • The culture at Prairie Capital
  • The culture at Prairie Capital


We place a premium on teamwork and camaraderie. This is true within our firm, and with our external relationships. We like and respect each other, and it shows.

We don’t believe in an our-way-or-the-highway approach. We understand that scaling a company takes time. We are patient and supportive investors and thought partners.

We do what we say. We keep our word.

  • Bryan Daniels
  • DJ Lipke
  • Tony Danielak
  • Sean McNally
  • Darren Synder


We invite you to take a moment and get to know our professionals. We have a deep, cohesive, and experienced team that has worked together for a long time.

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We had many excellent options, but Prairie was remarkable in many ways: a great corporate culture, and a shared vision from the beginning. Each team member has intensity and expertise, yet hasn’t lost sight of the humanity within the business.
Jon Foss, Foss Swim School
I was a strong willed entrepreneur for over 35 years and my management team had been with me over 20 years. I know I needed to get the partnership right. Prairie was very patient…taking the time to get to know me, my team, and our business.

Before and during our partnership, I have found the Prairie team to be smart and have a high level of integrity. They know how to work with entrepreneurs and don’t act like they know the business better than management!

Prairie’s greatest strength is their follow-through. What separates Prairie from other private equity partners is their unique combination of experience and humility. Our team always felt Prairie valued and were grateful for the work we put in to grow our business.

Prairie is ‘Midwestern’ in all the right ways – humble, hard-working, purposeful people with a sincere gratitude for the relationships in their lives.