On February 21, 2020, Prairie Capital VI, LP partnered with founders Mark and Karen Essex to recapitalize Netalytics (the “Company”). Headquartered in Greer, SC, Netalytics is a provider of electronic medical records (“EMR”) and practice management solutions to the Substance Use Disorder (“SUD”) market focused on Opioid Use Disorder (“OUD”) providers. Netalytics’ comprehensive purpose-built solutions provide a wide array of functionality, including managing inventory, controlling dosing, and tracking regulatory compliance.

Over the last 25 years, Netalytics has developed a complete software suite along with multiple add-on modules to assist providers with optimizing their operations. The Company has customers in every state that have Opioid Treatment Programs (“OTP”), and serves smaller, mom and pop providers as well as large, national providers.  Netalytics is the market leader in the OTP market serving in excess of 40% of current clinics, largely due to its superior customer service and leading software capabilities.

Netalytics’ customers focus on Medicated Assisted Treatment (“MAT”), a highly effective evidence-based solution for patients in the opioid disorder market.   Unfortunately, only ~25% of OUD patients are currently receiving treatment creating a large unmet need being addressed through the expansion of treatment facilities, academic support, insurance coverage, and favorable regulatory trends. With the growth of MAT clinics, compliance and regulatory standards have become more stringent, increasing the need for specialized EMR platforms with specific capabilities to assist clinics with their operations.

Prairie Capital partnered with the founders to accelerate growth through company-building investments in human capital, sales and marketing, technology and infrastructure, service line expansion and add-on acquisitions.

For more information on Netalytics, please contact:

Sean McNally at smcnally@prairie-capital.com
Tony Danielak at tdanielak@prairie-capital.com