On August 27, 2021, Prairie Capital VII, LP partnered with Skyline Global Partners, S2G Ventures, Management and Adel Villalobos (Founder/CEO) to recapitalize Lief Labs (“Lief” or the “Company”). Headquartered in Valencia, CA, Lief provides formulation, product development and manufacturing services to health and wellness brands in the vitamins, minerals and supplements (“VMS”) industry. A majority of the Company’s customers are rapidly growing, digitally native, eCommerce brands that consider Lief an outsourced product development and manufacturing partner. Lief provides customers with additional services such as Truestock, an inventory management program, and Lief Raws, proprietary raw material ingredients. Lief also internally developed a software system that allows for rapid quoting and quick turnaround times.

The Domestic VMS market is valued at $58 billion and has consistently grown the last ten years. The market is expected to continue growing in the near-term fueled by (i) more consumers embracing active lifestyles with a heightened awareness of wellness, (ii) aging populations with increasing medical needs and (iii) higher amounts of disposable income being spent on healthy living. The eCommerce distribution segment of the broader VMS market is expected to grow at 15%, outpacing the growth rate of the overall market.

Lief has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years, largely driven by the Company’s ability to attract emerging brands that value its additional services beyond manufacturing capabilities. This positioning allows the Company to build intimate customer relationships and assist with product development and go-to-market strategies, thus creating strong customer loyalty.

Prairie Capital partnered with the Founder to accelerate growth through company-building investments in human capital, sales and marketing, technology, infrastructure, service line expansion and add-on acquisitions.

For more information on Lief Labs, please contact:

Sean McNally at smcnally@prairie-capital.com
DJ Lipke at dlipke@prairie-capital.com