In September 2022, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) rebranded itself as Upshop and acquired Itasca Retail. In an effort to reflect the company’s expanded vision of delivering a simplified, smarter and more connected platform for retailers and associates to synchronize fresh, packaged, and ecommerce store operations.

“Upshop is our company’s vision for a connected store – both internally and externally,” says Shamus Hines, CEO of Upshop. “Point solutions have flooded the industry. But shoppers have high expectations of retail; they want an experience. There’s no way to have the best shopping experience when the retailer is using upwards of 40 such solutions on average. A total store platform that syncs up end-to-end not only streamlines operations for the retailer and their employees, but makes the experience simpler, smarter, and more connected for shoppers. There’s no more critical time than now for retailers to double-down on tech that benefits the total store.”

Upshop has been a visionary in fresh operations for grocery and convenience locations for over thirty years and has experienced significant growth implementing solutions to sync up the entire fresh perimeter.

To transform into a total store operations platform, the Company first re-architected from on-premise to cloud-based SaaS as a first step in driving associate usability and adoption. Next, the Company acquired ShopperKit and Pinpoint Solutions to provide eCommerce fulfillment orchestration and expiration date management capability integrations to pioneer a singular platform for total store operations. Upshop then acquired Itasca Retail, the industry-leading inventory intelligence technology platform, to provide retailers complete end-to-end inventory visibility. Together, Upshop and Itasca will enable retailers to improve on-shelf availability, reduce labor burden, and access one inventory record and unified demand forecast to order for the entire store in real time.

Founded in 1998, Itasca Retail provides retailers merchandise receiving, retail ordering, and inventory optimization and management solutions through its Magic™ Inventory Intelligence and Computer-Generated Ordering application.

“Retailers have sought a unified inventory solution for decades,” notes Hines. “Having all store operations supported by a unified demand forecast and ordering system for the entire store is paramount to retailers’ success going forward. With Itasca’s replenishment expertise and technology, Upshop will make that happen.”

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